Top 100 Foods for Health and Budget

The Environmental Working Group’s latest effort is a nice visual presentation of the “Top 100 Foods” which combine the qualities of being affordable, highly nutritious, and less likely to be contaminated with pesticides, toxins, or additives. When considering that daily “What’s for dinner?” question, this is a great source of inspiration to get the ball rolling. The proteins were my favorite category, where I personally tend to get into a rut with meal ideas.

When in doubt, my personal rule of thumb is- shop seasonal, shop local, shop colorful, shop organic where you can (when prices are close, when cooking for young kids or pregnant women, or when the food is highly likely to have pesticides which are difficult to remove even with washing, such as those on the “dirty dozen list”).  When I follow these rules I always have fresh ingredients and variety in my cooking and don’t spend too much.


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