Getting Ready for Fall: Easy DIY Pillows


I am brand new to sewing. My wonderful Mother in Law recently gave me a sewing machine for my birthday, and it sat in the corner intimidating me for several months. I took lessons in elementary school but the hobby didn’t stick, and I can’t recall anything from the lessons aside from my teacher doing a lot of the actual sewing, and putting a needle through my finger. Ack.

Thanks to Pinterest, my creative impulses eventually got the better of me and I made some very simple and beginner projects. I am very pleased with the results and have had a few people ask me to make them similar pillows, so I thought I would share the simple process here. I used my existing pillow inserts- they are down inserts I bought at Crate and Barrel when we were first married. They are still as good as new after seven years. I used a half yard of fabric per pillow. The beauty of these covers is that they don’t require buttons or zippers. As I’m getting more confident I’m thinking of going back and adding buttons just to secure the back and add a cute detail.

I found the tutorial, with step by step pictures, at the lovely blog  She calls this her ten minute pillow cover. As a beginner, they definitely took me more than ten minutes. But it was a project I completed start to finish in one solid two-hour toddler nap time window.

Here is the link:


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