Up-cycled No-sew TOMS


My sister has been harassing me to replace my TOMS for the past six months. I own three pairs, and they are all tattered. I was trying to hold out until summer came to a close and just get a new pair next spring. You really can’t wear canvas shoes in Seattle when it is the rainy season (the majority of the year) unless your want your feet soaked in about ten minutes. As our extra hot and dry summer has stretched on, I finally decided something needed to be done with at least one pair of my ratty shoes. I had seen some repair ideas online- but they involved gluing a small bit of fabric or a patch onto the toe. I had worn holes in the heel and sides as well. So I decided to try using a very strong all purpose craft glue to re-surface the entire shoe. I chose wool felt as the main fabric because I happened to have it on hand, and also because I am hoping wool might be more durable and supportive, and keep my feet warmer and dryer than a simple cotton would. I also know how well felted wool can stretch and mold to a form, so I hoped it would be a forgiving material to work with. I used some scraps of patterned cotton for the toe and heel details, which I applied over the wool. Read on for a list of materials and basic steps.































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